Spa Pure Filter Cleaner

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A spa filter removes a lot of stuff from your spa, most of which you cannot see. Spa Pure Filter Cleaner cleans all the things that a spa filter grabs, such as body oil, dead skin, dirt, and grease. Regular cleaning of your filter will keep your water beautiful.

Circulate & Filter the Water

Water circulation and filtration go hand in hand because without circulation, water cannot be filtered. Fortunately, most spas are hands off in its circulating operation. However, you should occasionally check your spa and make sure that your circulation system is running every day. When water is moving it is harder for germs, bacteria and other contaminants to cause issues in your spa. Circulation allows the spa filter to capture all substances in the water, including ones that cannot be seen.

Filtration is often overlooked because it is not common for physical debris to be present in a spa. However, without a filter, your water will be very cloudy regardless of how often you add water care products to your spa. The spa filter captures a lot of grease and other contaminants thae come off our bodies. Of course, it does grab the small tangibles as well. Periodically your filter will need to be cleaned and degreased with SpaPure Filter Cleaner. This cleaning should be performed monthly with light to moderate spa use. Regular us of SpaPure Filter Cleaner will keep the water clear adn extend the life of the spa filter.


  • Improves filtration capacity of spa, maintain adequate flow and circulation
  • Increases the life of the spa filter
  • Compatible with all sanitizing systems such as chlorine, bromine, mineral cartridges, ozone, non-chlorine systems, etc.
  • Made in the USA


You can use Filter Cleaner to clean two different ways!

  • SOAK: Mix 16 ounces to 2.5 gallons of water and submerge the filter. Soak filter for 30 minuets or longer, remove and rince
  • PRAY: Spray Filter Cleaner into the pleats of the filter Allow cleaner to stand for 15 minuets and rince.

Use Filter Cleaner every 4 to 8 weeks depending on sanitizing system, frequency of use, filter size, etc

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