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Question? What are the differences in the LA Spa Filter Bag Replacement and the LA SPA FILTER BAG OEM FD-51500

Answer: The LA Spa Filter Bag Replacement filters are made by a manufacturer who makes 65% of all filters out there. The LA SPA FILTER BAG OEM FD-51500 filters are made by MAAX Spas who owns the brand LA Spa. The replacement filters are double glazed versus the OEM are triple glazed. What glazed means? Glaze is the element used for the filtration. The more glaze the stronger it filters the water. The replacement filters tend to run slightly larger than the OEM initially but do shrink a little. But the most important factor is the use of the rubber o-ring and the proper use of it. The o-ring purchased from us is tight and its meant to be. It might take two people to put the o-ring on. But that's good because you don't want contaminants going around the filter to damage the heater or pump. The filter O-ring should be placed at the very bottom of the filter basket. Learn More Here