About Us

About Us: The year was 2006 when two gentlemen that had been in the spa and pool industry for over 15 years decided that it was time to open Spa and Pool HQ. They had a brick and mortar spa and pool retail store in Des Moines, Iowa but with the changes in technology and the desire to save customers even more money they decided to open an online store. With the same principles they had with the retail store: customer first approach, excellent product knowledge, and industry-leading products, Spa and Pool HQ has flourished into an international business.

The customer first approach has led to an average response time to customer emails of 40 minutes. With consistent product training for all employees, they pride themselves in the ability to answer any question about any product anytime a customer asks. As an authorized dealer for the industry-leading products from LA Spas, Dimension One Spas, ProTeam Spa and Pool, Spa Pure, AquaFinesse Spa and Pool, and ecoone Spa; Spa and Pool HQ. guarantees every product they sell because every company should guarantee every product they sell.

As another part of the customer first approach, in 2012 Spa and Pool HQ averaged a shipping time of 3.5 business days, with a goal of 3 business days for 2013. We are proud to say we reached our goal of 3 days for 2013. Now as a company we must maintain our average time. We will accomplish this through hard work and training. With over 700 products being sold, excellent product knowledge must be cultivated in every single employee at all times to better serve every customer whenever and wherever the customer may be located. By being an authorized dealer for the top six industry-leading companies, those companies have been able to show customers that Spa and Pool HQ is a respected and valued leader in the spa and pool industry.

Please have a wonderful shopping experience and get ready to $ave money!