ProTeam Pool UV Shield 1.5lb


ProTeam Pool UV Shield prevents loss of chlorine to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Reduces pool operating costs.


  • Contains: Cyanuric acid
  • Slow dissolving granular product
  • Reduces chlorine loss due to UV rays
  • For most pools a once a year water treatment

APPLICATION Apply only as needed with the pump running. Table shown indicates application rates

If pool is equipped with plastic piping UV Shield may be added to the skimmer VERY SLOWLY.

UV Shield can be broadcasted across the surface of the pool. Though safe for all surfaces, un-dissolved material should be brushed or SLOWLY vacuumed.

Continuously run pump for 24-48 hours. Avoid backwashing filters during this time.


In residential swimming pools, the ideal range of UV Shield is 30-100 ppm. When these levels exceed 100 ppm, the rate at which sanitizers and oxidizers perform their job in the water decreases rapidly. Water above 100 ppm can remain crystal clear; however those pools could be one pool party away or one bad storm away from a potential water issue that may not be able to be solved unless UV Shield levels are reduced. The only way to safely remove UV Shield from water is to partially drain water from the pool and replace with fresh new water.

To Raise CYA Levels Dosage per 10,000 gallons of water
10 ppm 1 lb
30 ppm 2.5lb
50 ppm 4 lbs
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