LA Spas Filter Cartridge Replacement PLAS35

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The LA Spas Filter Cartridge Replacement (instead of bags) Use this filter in place of your current bag/sock filter.  Notes: Remove filter bag and plastic riton basket before replacing with this cartridge filter.  You get 3 Pleatco FilterWash™ tablets with each filter purchase.

Questions and Answers?

Q. If I use this filter does it affect my warranty?
A. NO.

Q. How long does this cartridge last?
A. 6-12 Months if properly taken care of. Once a month pull the filters from spa/hot tub and clean with Pleatco FilterWash™ 

Q. Why do customers switch from the bag to the cartridge?
A. Some customers say the bags are to expensive and they don't last as long as the cartridge. Yes it's more convenient to throw them in the washer, then having to clean the filters manually, but you pay for convenience.

Q. What if I order the wrong filters?
A. Unfortunately, we can not refund, return or exchange filters.

Diameter: 5 3/8"
Length: 8 9/16"
Top Hole: Handle
Bottom Hole:3" MPT
Filter Material: Pleatco Advanced Point Bonded Filtration Fabric
Material Area: 30 Sq feet
Material Weight: 3
Core: Pleatco Free Flow Core

Replaces the following brands model numbers
Unicel 5CH-203
Filbur FC-0303
Baleen: AK-90107