Spa Pure Complete Chlorine Spa Care Kit

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This SpaPure kit makes a great gift for a new spa owner!

SpaPure Chlorine Spa Care Kit Includes:

  • SpaPure Spa Shock (20 oz)
  • SpaPure pH Up (16 oz)
  • SpaPure pH Down (24 oz)
  • SpaPure Clarifier (16 oz)
  • SpaPure Stain and Scale Preventer (16 oz)
  • SpaPure Granular Chlorine (16 oz)
  • SpaPure Simply Soft (12 oz)
  • 10 Test Strips


SpaCare Guide To resolve water problems, you need to know the source of the issue. Be sure your filter is clean and optimum efficiency. Test your water to be sure your water is balanced, including the PH, alkalinity, calcium, and hardness. SpaPure is a great product line to resolve these issues. Chlorine and Bromine shocks are not effective against oily waste. EZ-Enzymes are sometimes necessary to keep this oily scum from building up along the water line and in pipes and the filter which reduces the flow of water from the spa to the filter. A shock following an enzyme treatment will then destroy the broken down waste from the enzyme treatment.