Spa Pure Complete Bromine Spa Care Kit

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Spa Pure Complete Bromine Spa Care Kit

Spa Pure Brom Bank builds a reserve of sodium bromide. The bank is a reserve of these sodium ions in the spa water. The bromides must be efficiently "banked" to be available to effectively clean the water. When your spa is drained, your bank declines to zero and must start building a brom bank once again. Also, shocking with chlorine additive will decline your available bromides.

We suggest using Spa Pure Brom Bank to build your reserve, SpaPure Bromine Tablets, and a non-chlorine oxidizer such as Spa Pure Oxidizing Shock to disinfect your spa on a regular basis.

We also offer the convenience of this SpaPure Complete Bromine Kit that includes all you need for your bromine spa. Bromine is used for spas and hot tubs, for many reasons. it’s more stable in hot water and is affected less by wide swings in pH.

This Spa Pure Spa Care Kit Includes:

Spa Pure Spa Shock (20 oz)
Spa Pure PH Up (16 oz)
Spa Pure PH Down (24 oz)
Spa Pure Clarifier (16 oz)
Spa Pure Stain and Scale Preventer (16 oz)
Spa Pure Defoamer (16 oz)
Spa Pure Bromine Tablets (.75 lb)
Spa Pure Bromine Test Strips 10 Pack
Spa Care Guide

To resolve water problems, you need to know the source of the issue. Be sure your filter is clean and optimum efficiency. Test your water to be sure your water is balanced, including the PH, alkalinity, calcium, and hardness. SpaPure is a great product line to resolve these issues. Chlorine and Bromine shocks are not effective against oily waste. Enzymes are sometimes necessary to keep this oily scum from building up along the water line and in pipes and the filter which reduces the flow of water from the spa to the filter. A shock following an enzyme treatment will then destroy the broken down waste from the enzyme treatment.