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Clear-Nat Free Met&Stain
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This is the absolute Premium Concentrated Product to prevent and help remove stains & scaling caused by heavy metals (iron, copper, manganese) & minerals (calcium, carbonate scale). Naturally FREE® Metal & Stain Control contains a natural Chelant / sequestrant not derived from phosphorous (thereby keeping phosphates from forming in the water) or phosphonic acid from the water.

Naturally FREE® Metal & Stain Control is the most concentrated product on the market for Residential or Commercial pools and is excellent for use in pools with attached spas or fountains. It is compatible with all Chlorine, Bromine or Salt sanitizing systems.

However, this is for POOL use only.  DO NOT use in stand-alone spas or hot tubs.

Application: Read & follow all label instructions. Adjust chlorine to 3.0 - 6.0 ppm & balance water. Initially: 10k initial, then 5 oz per 10,000 gallons as a weekly maintenance dose. Pump must run 48 hours - at application - for best results.

Special Attention: There may be a slight Chlorine demand issue at initial application. Be sure to raise chlorine level as prescribed.

Size: 1 Quart

Naturally FREE Metal & Scale Control is a non-phosphorus formulation for control of metal staining and carbonate scale in recreational water systems. When applied as directed, Naturally FREE is compatible with the materials of pool & spa construction and other treatment chemicals.

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