E-Z Pool "Weekly Pool Care in a Bucket!"™

E-Z Pool "Weekly Pool Care in a Bucket!"™

Posted by SpaandPoolHQ.com on 5th Mar 2018

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E-Z POOL is a proprietary water care program that combines simplicity with incredible water quality in a once-a-week application. This specially blended, multi-tasking formula manages swimming pool water while eliminating the confusion of adding multiple chemicals every other day.

E-Z POOL is available in 5, 10 and 20 lb pails

Why is E-Z POOL the ultimate swimming pool water care program?

  1. The stable oxidizer immediately breaks down contaminants in the water to increase sanitizer effectiveness – resulting in clean, clear water.
  2. The algae shield formula becomes more effective, the longer E-Z POOL is used.
  3. E-Z POOL inhibits scale build-up and metallic staining on pool surfaces and equipment.
  4. E-Z POOL clarifies and conditions to provide sparkling clear water that is soft to swim in and does not leave a harsh chemical residue on hair, skin, or bathing suits.
  5. The uniquely blended formula creates stable and balanced pool water effectively reducing the need for excessive testing and unnecessary chemical additions.

E-Z POOL contains stable oxidizer, algae shield, clarifier, scale inhibitor, water conditioner and balancers (pH, Total Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness) to keep swimming pool water clean, clear and trouble free. It provides a PROACTIVE water care program that PREVENTS problems instead of treating them on a REACTIVE basis after they occur. E-Z POOL is compatible with chlorine, salt, bromine, UV and ozone, as well as traditional balancers and maintenance chemicals.
  • Convenient and easy to use — just once a week! 
  • Oxygen-enriched water promotes a pristine swimming environment 
  • Less chemicals, less testing and less hassle! 
  • No waiting to SWIM!
  • E-Z POOL provides the easiest, cleanest, and most convenient solution to swimming pool water care.
*E-Z POOL offers a 

No Algae Guarantee!

The Program is simple: In the unlikely event a pool using E-Z POOL and REVIVE! gets algae, we will cover the cost to eliminate it!

*Limited to reimbursement to dealer for cost of chlorine shock only to eliminate algae in a residential swimming pool. Requires verification of the E-Z POOL Startup program and proper application/dosage of E-Z POOL with a documented water test from an authorized dealer (proper water balance, chlorine minimum 1.0 and phosphates under 250 ppm).

If you’re tired of the ABCs of pool care, now it’s as E-Z as 1… 2… 3!

Step One


Take a water sample to your Authorized Dealer for testing. Treat pool water with REVIVE! (32 oz. up to 24,000 gallons) to remove phosphates, metals, debris and to activate the No Algae Guarantee.

NOTE: If algae is present, brush from walls, then shock with chlorine. Wait 24 hours, then proceed.

Step Two

Vacuum, Clean Filter & Balance

Once debris completely settles (typically 24 hours), vacuum pool bottom, thoroughly clean pool filter, then balance pool water as follows:

Calcium Hardness: 350 ppm
pH: 7.2 – 7.6
Total Alkalinity: 80-120 ppm

Step Three

E-Z Day

Note: For portable “POP-UP” pools (less than 3,000 gallons), add one scoop of E-Z Pool in front of the return jet and adjust sanitizer level in accordance with product directions by placing 1″ tablets in the middle of the cartridge filter.

Weekly: REPEAT E-Z DAY… Just once a week!

Note: For portable “POP-UP” pools (less than 3,000 gallons), be sure to rinse the cartridge filter each time you add 1″ tabs.

Monthly: Take a water sample to your Authorized Dealer for testing.

Dosage With Chlorine Tabs

Pool Size
Estimated Gallons
E-Z POOL® Dose Per Week
12 x 24 Rect.
8,100 gal.
2 scoops
14 x 26 Rect.
10,250 gal
3 scoops
16 x 32 Rect.
18,350 gal.
4 scoops
18 x 36 Rect.
22,400 gal.
5 scoops
20 x 40 Rect.
28,800 Rect.
6 scoops
17 x 35 Oval
19,500 gal.
5 scoops
21 x 41 Oval
27,800 gal.
6 scoops

E-Z POOL is an E.P.A. registered product for swimming pool water care.


Q: What is E-Z POOL?
A: E-Z POOL is a proprietary, multi-function granular compound that simplifies swimming pool water care. It combines an algae shield, stable oxidizer, clarifier, scale inhibitor, and balancing agents – all in ONE product! The convenient, once-a-week application takes only minutes to keep your swimming pool water clean, clear and trouble-free. E-Z POOL is compatible with salt, chlorine, bromine, ozone and UV systems. Simple pool water care… just once-a-week!

Q: How does E-Z POOL work?
A: E-Z POOL is simple to use. Immediately after adding to the pool, the fast-dissolving formula starts to work by oxidizing contaminants, preventing algae, conditioning and clarifying, inhibiting scale and maintaining overall water balance. E-Z POOL effectively manages pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness with just a once-a-week application. Because E-Z POOL keeps the water clean, clear and balanced, your sanitizer is more efficient and you use fewer chemicals!

Note: E-Z POOL is not compatible with biguanide pools. Use FLIP OUT™ to convert to a halogen-based sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) and thoroughly clean or replace filter.

Q: Why is E-Z POOL better than other products?
A: Simply stated. . . there is no comparison! Traditional water maintenance programs require a multitude of chemicals and frequent testing in an attempt to achieve balance and clarity. These programs are based on reactive science: wait until you have a problem, attempt to diagnose with complicated testing, and then treat by adding a multitude of chemicals that might fix the problem. E-Z POOL works on PROACTIVE science: you actually prevent water problems (algae, organic contaminants, pH imbalance, scale) rather than adding more chemicals to treat them after they occur.

Q: Where can I get E-Z POOL?
A: E-Z POOL is available exclusively from swimming pool and spa professional retailers. CLICK HERE for more information.

Q: What caused my pool water to tint green?
A: If the pool is free of algae, the green tint indicates that something is slightly out of balance or there is a presence of a high level of phosphates that can also lead to redundant algae problems. Typically the bleaching effect of chlorine compensates for an out of balance condition, keeping water blue in spite of possible problems. Since one of the benefits of E-Z POOL is that it does not contain bleach, the following is a list of things to check when troubleshooting a pool with green tint:

1. Check the filter. A clean filter is always the first step in correcting a problem with E-Z POOL.2. Test sanitizer level. If the pool is lacking sanitizer, there may be a tendency for the water to get a green hue. If the sanitizer is too low, the pool may take on a flat look and then turn a light green tint. When experiencing a green tint from low sanitizer level, try increasing the sanitizer level to at least 3.0 ppm with the addition of a dichlor shock.

3. Test for phosphates. A high phosphate level is often the cause of stubborn green tint in E-Z POOL water. Use REVIVE!® to resolve this problem quickly and effectively.

The level of calcium contributes to the “body” of the water. If the pool water lacks body, it may not effectively reflect the UV rays of sunlight to produce the blue tint most commonly associated with swimming pools. Here again, if the green tint is due to chemical imbalance and sufficient oxidizer is present, the calcium level may be too low.

Calcium level should be adjusted to 350 ppm. Always adjust balance before dosing with E-Z POOL and allow water to reach new calcium balance prior to E-Z POOL application.

5. Test copper level. Excessive copper levels may contribute to a green hue or tint. Check the copper level and if it exceeds 0.8 ppm treat with REVIVE! to reduce.

6. Test pH and total alkalinity. If pH is high or low relative to calcium and total alkalinity is too low relative to pH and calcium, this could result in a green tint. Adjust to recommended levels.

Q: What caused my pool water to cloud?
A: This is typically attributable to poor filtration since E-Z POOL contains a clarifier. If your “E-Z” pool is cloudy, perform the following steps:

1. Check the filter. The filter media should be cleaned, backwashed or replaced. Run the filter continuously when trouble shooting for cloudy water. Frequent filter clearing helps clean the water faster.

2. Check the pump timer. The pump should be circulating a minimum of 12 hours per day during the swim season or 6 hours per day during the off-season.

3. Test sanitizer level. If the sanitizer level is too low (below 1.0 ppm), there is not sufficient chemical available to oxidize the matter that is suspended in the pool. Adjust as needed.

4. Test water balance. If the pH, total alkalinity or calcium levels are out or range, cloudiness may occur. If needed, adjust prior to applying E-Z POOL.

Q: What causes brown staining in my pool and why does ascordic acid only remove it temporarily?
A: The brown staining in your pool is caused by oxidized iron, which is probably getting in your pool from the well. The oxidizer in E- Z POOL shocks out more contaminants than regular chlorine shock. Sometimes, especially pools filled with well water, this can cause an issue that was previously unknown while on chlorine because it is not as versatile as the E-Z POOL. In most cases, the problem can be fixed rather easily.

When you used ascorbic acid before, it was the right thing to do, unfortunately you weren’t told that the job was only half done. Ascorbic acid removes the stain rather easily BUT once the stain is removed the molecules that formed the stain are still in the pool water, they have just been dissolved. Unfortunately sand filters only filter out particles that are 20-25 microns and larger, oxidized iron is in the 2-4 micron range. So, your filtration system needs help removing the particles that caused the stain out of the pool water. The fastest and easiest way to do this would be to:

1. Treat your pool with ascorbic acid, you shouldn’t need more than a pound, it should work within an hour or two, once it has been circulated throughout the system.

2. Once the brown stain has been lifted. Turn off the pool pump.

3. Spray a 16oz bottle of Revive (removes the iron particles by dropping them out of solution and in to a sediment on the bottom of the pool so you can vacuum it to waste, removing it for good) over the top of the pool.

4. Leave the pool off for at least 24 hours.

5. Vacuum the debris out of the bottom of the pool while your sand filter valve is on waste.

6. Follow the weekly directions for the E-Z POOL that your local store has given you.

You should also have a bottle of REVIVE! at the house for whenever you fill up your pool due to evaporation or splash out. Simply attach the Revive to the end of your fill hose and spray the product over the top of your pool water, covering the pool twice, REVIVE! will capture the particles from your well water that shouldn’t be in your pool water and send them to your filter for you so that you do not have to go through this huge procedure over and over.