GLB Alkalinity Up 4lb


Alkalinity Up
This balancer increases the alkalinity of pool water to prevent the pH level from fluctuating.

Aids in preventing pH level from changing
Easily maintain the proper alkalinity level of 80-120 ppm

To Increase Total Alkalinity:
1. Determine the total alkalinity level.
2. If the value is below 75 ppm, add a sufficient amount of Alkalinity Up - by pouring it directly into the pool - to increase the total alkalinity to at least 75 ppm.
Alkalinity Up will provide approximately 10 ppm increase in total alkalinity for each 10,000 gallons of water. Wait at least 8 hours for the material to distribute uniformly before rechecking the alkalinity level.

4 lbs.
7.5 lbs.
15 lbs.

Tips: When the pH value of the pool water fluctuates from low to high and back again in a short time, it is usually the result of a low total alkalinity condition of the pool water. Use GLB™ Test Strips to test pH and alkalinity.

Compatible With: Chlorine, bromine, ozone, salt water pools, and biguanide sanitizers.

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