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EZ Spa Boost is a fast-dissolving granular formula sanitizes and disinfects spa water and is part of the EZ SPA once-a-week water care program. Available in a convenient 1 lb. size and in the EZ SPA CARE KIT. We have our EZ Spa Total Care Kit which includes everything you need to start your water care routine. We have a convenient, what we call a refill kit or commonly known as EZ Spa Total Care Small Kit or EZ3 Kit.

The small kit contains 1 - 1 lb bottle of Boost, 1 - 1 lb bottle of Total Care, and EZ Start which you should add to your spa water on each refill. 

EZ SPA provides the simplest and most convenient solution to spa water care.

EZ SPA Boost  is available in our Kits listed below:

EZ SPA Total Care Kit 
EZ3 SPA Total Care Small Kit

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